Previous theoric base to learn Programming and Coding 💻

Hi guys, I’m looking for someone that could make an ordered list of necessary knowledges (technical definitions or theoric base as well) to learn previously about programming and then be able to focus on learning coding.

I hope this query be undestandable to all of you and thank you for your attention.

(Greetings from Argentina :argentina: :wave:)

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Hello! There shouldn’t be any required prerequisites, as if you’re planning on learning from CC, they give many paths/courses which help you get started with programming, before you begin learning a specific language (or a few languages in a path, etc). You might want to do a few Google searches about the different languages, to find one that you think might suit you.

I hope this helps!

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To give my opinion on this, I think focus on choosing a path. It’s easy to spend hours looking for the language you should learn. Focus on what you are thinking of doing, web development, data science, etc. and the languages you choose will support that.
For example, I chose Data Science, and find myself quite enjoying working with Python and SQL.


Very true!
I should have clarified what I meant; I meant do a bit of searching (maybe 10 minutes) to see what type of things you can do with coding, and therefore what general language to use-as in HTML/CSS/JS if you want to do web dev, or Python and R for data analytics, etc.


This is what I was taught before I wrote my first line of code.

This should help you choose a path.