Previous slide 2 my code not passing


Here is my full code.Pl tell me where is the mistake. I am fully fed up working on this.Again mentioning that new format of Q&A need to bvar main = function() {
$('.dropdown-toggle').click(function() {

$('.arrow-prev')click(function() {
     var currentSlide= $('.active             -slide');
var prevSlide= currentSlide.prev();

     if(nextSlide.length==0) {
        nextSlide = $('.slide').first             ();}

    currentSlide.fadeOut(duration             ).removeClass('active-slide');          ('.active-dot');
 prevSlide.fadeIn(duration).addClass      ('active-slide');
  currentDot.removeClass('.active           -dot');




-1 You will have to remove all the [tabs] from your code
-2 you are using the variable duration which you did not define.....