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I have no previous experience with coding. I decided to just jump in with python and just take it head-on. I have to admit, I’m feeling pretty defeated at this point. I’m getting the general idea, but these concepts are confusing and frustrating. I can’t seem to get through anything at this point without eventually giving up and using the “Get Code” option. I seem to always get close but miss out on main principle behind what I’m trying to do. There’s a lot that I don’t understand as to why certain codes do certain things. 8/15 has me especially stumped. I’m staring at the code that the ‘cheat’ button offers, and I don’t understand why it does what it does at all. I’m not sure where the disconnect is in my mind. But I’m very serious about trying to learn programming and would just like to know if anyone has any advice on maybe some other resources that can help to cement or elaborate on some of the concepts behind the codes.


Don’t use the get code button, that is a good start :wink:

If you are struggling with exercises, you can always come to the forum, i always try to explain what is wrong, and give a little nudge in the right direction, so you connect the dots, so you learn from it

yes, the practice makes perfect section in the python track is tricky, its really letting you design the solution (aka problem solving), which is the next step in programming.

Programming is mostly problem solving, but when starting with programming, you first need to learn to code.

Programming is really frustrating, been there, the first time i did the practice makes perfect section, i failed miserable, i got better over time :slight_smile: Anyone can :slight_smile:


Thanks I’m going to try to spend more time on the forums from now on, this is my first post I’ve ever made but I’m getting to the point of frustrated desperation. Maybe a good place to be.


yep, programming does that :wink:

You can make topics when you get stuck, if you include:

exercise url
error message
question/explain what you do and don’t understand

we can make a quick qualitative reply to help you :slight_smile:


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