Prerequisites of Machine Learning/AI Engineer

hi! I want to know if the career path Machine Learning/AI Engineer has any prerequisites? It is interdimiate, though, I have nice grasp of languages such as Java, Kotlin, C#, C/C++, Python, Rust, HTML/CSS and JavaScript(Actually). Thanks!

I mean you can do it whenever. The real question is how to get the most out of it.

Here are some things that whenever I do ML or AI I always go back to study more of and if I had any extra time I’d brush up on (coming from a software engineering perspective, so assume I already know C++, Python, computer architecture, operating systems, and discrete math)

You don’t have to be a master of these to start, but they really go a long way.

  • Statistics and probability (Statistics 110: Probability). Crucial. Basically the backbone. It basically gives you a foundation for what is possible and what is not, and also how to think about problems.
  • Linear algebra: Also another backbone piece (many backbones hahahaha). Can you visualize in your head what a matrix does geometrically? This helps to understand how many useful algorithm work in concrete terms that can be visualized (in many cases). Tons of good resources for this, Strang’s courses on youtube and many more.
  • Calculus: Knowing about gradients, knowing enough to understand the high-level of some of the statistics derivations (proofs for how some of the formulas are derived). Now some might say, proofs? I’m not looking to be a mathematician!! But I think that often these are straightforward enough proofs that actually help relate the connection between the formulas and when one is more applicable than another. Again, the stats link I provided is very useful (they have a textbook pdf and lecture videos)
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I am in grade 12(India) and this are like WAY more maths than we’re ever teached in high-school here. For me, right now, neither do I have much time(for I have a lot of chores around here, from religious matters to social connections) neither the brain-power(XD). I think I’ll try to begin from the VERY start of AI Engineer in some other course off-codecademy and then come back.

Yes that is ok! I just gave an idea as to what you need to get the most out of it.

If you just want to try to see what it’s about on a casual level you should still try!! You will still learn a lot.

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Nice! I have an idea: First, I’ll see my interests: AI and App-Dev. I think app-dev first would be good, because probably by the time I become proficient, I’ll be admitted to college. This will benefit me in two ways: I’ll use my current knowledge for app-development, and when I’m in college(with CS), it’ll be easier for me with live-support so on-the-go explanation!

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Totally agree with you there! It’s not just about diving into ML or AI whenever; it’s about diving in smart and getting the most bang for your buck.