Predict cars CO2 emissions

Hi guys,

I am very excited to share with you my Final Portfolio Project of the Data Science Career Path.
I really enjoyed the training, I discovered a whole new world and I will for sure continue to deep dive in it.
Thanks a lot for that, Codecademy !

For this final project, I chose a dataset from French Data governments under an open license that contains carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and technical characteristics of the vehicles comercialized in France during 2014.

And I built a model to predict the CO2 emissions of a car.

I hope you will like it and I am looking forward for your feedbacks.

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I like it,looks good

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I see that one model, linear regression, was used. It would be nice to see if you could try training other models using the other ML algorithms that we learned in Codecademy and then evaluate and compare.

The notebook so far is already neat and easy to follow on its own. The way the notebook is structured and divided into sections is nice.

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Hi Guys,
Many thanks for your feedbacks,

As suggested, I have completed my project with 2 additional models for comparison.
And actually I improved again my results, now I got a R^2 of 0.998 !


For all your models the R^2 is very high and almost 1.00
You might want to double-check if there is any data leakage going on.

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