Practise Project: Jammming part 1 & 2

Hi there,

I have been struggling with the Jammming project on the Front-End Engineer career path.

Here is the link to my repo:
Jammming Repo

As per the project, all necessary files are in the src/components folder and the src/util folder.

I presume the error in either of the following files:

Part 1
When I completed part 1, everything seem to work until I asked somebody else to try it out. Apart from me, nobody else can search for anything. When clicking or pressing the ‘Enter’ button(an extra event I added) nothing happens. I cannot seem to find the error.

This is how it looks like when I completed

Part 2
I’d like to fix part 1 before attempting to fix part 2 but this is how the app now looks

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Hey! That’s unfortunately a deliberate behavior by Spotify:
Due to security changes in how the Spotify API handles authentication for non-published applications (and Jammming does not fit the application criteria for an extension/removal of these restrictions), only the user who has registered the application is able to log into the OAUTH screen to therefore log into their Jammming app, and any other user must be manually added as an authorised tested from the Spotify Developer Dashboard panel for that app before they can

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Thank you for this. I added users on spotify and it worked.

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