Practicing HTML on a text file


I went to create a simple text file that I could save as .html to practice making a site. I remember doing this when I was a kid messing around on the first blog sites. It wont open in my browser. Right click doesn’t even give me an open with option.
Is there another way I should be practicing? Does this not work anymore? I have windows 10 and use chrome.
Help please!

Hmm, the only time I haven’t had an open with option was opening a file stored on a flash drive. Normally saving with .html should associate with your browser. What’s your file look like currently?

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I figured it out. I have to save the text file first. Then save it again as .html. Makes sense now but I was confounded for a bit.

What are you using as a text editor? Most give the option to save directly as .html

Hey @code9191572975 , it’s been a little while since you originally posted this question. Could you come back to let us know if the above reply helped you?