Practicing by Copying Pages

Since completing my first coding course here in HTML, I’ve been thinking about how to best practice and apply my coding knowledge. I think that the best way is to write a list of all the tags and attributes I’ve been introduced to thus far. Next, I want to find a relatively simple web page that I can copy without looking at the code. Once I’ve done my best, I can peek at the page’s code to compare and see what I couldn’t figure out on my own. Is this a good way to practice? The only issue is looking for pages on the Internet that match my current skill level. At the moment, I’m looking for something I can copy using just HTML. I don’t know. I started coding a few weeks ago, and I just want to move ahead at the right pace and in the right way. I’m not one to rush the learning process. Rather, I like to make sure I have a solid grasp of things and spend some time on it before I move on to new material. I don’t want to move on to CSS until I’ve practiced HTML for a bit.

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Thats precisely what I’ve done in the past! I found a random website generator and found website that I was interested in cloning. Its very fun and you ca find a challenging one to figure out, and maybe even look at the source code if you find it toooo hard. Great idea!

Also, I highly reccomend learning both htm land css at the same time, they go hand in hand, and work well when doing project based learning. Either is not very difficult.