Practicing applications on your own terminal

I hope this isn’t a silly questions, but would it be a good idea to also apply the code in the Python exercises to your own computer? I know it won’t supply missing info, but I’d like to familiarize myself with it. You just add it to terminal, right?

You will at some point want to work in your local environment so some form of Python on your machine will be needed. Start with the version from Python that includes IDLE and an interpretive shell. We are using Python 2.7.x here, but you may wish to install Python 3 so you can get familiar with the changes.

We do have a sandbox on this domain, labs, if you just want to practice, and there are other sandboxes online as well.


Great article on setting up Python on your local computer:

And you’ll need a decent text editor too:


And very useful to complete this fairly short course on the command line:

Good luck :slight_smile:

Edit : Also, read this article on setting up your command line interface – especially, if you’re running Windows: