Is there anywhere to simply practice code on Code Academy? :raising_hand_woman:t5:

Codecademy used to have its own sandbox but that was long ago. A close approximation of the learning environment can be found at For web development, look for the HTML/CSS/JavaScript sandbox, else choose from the range of languages available. You may have to sign up for greater access.


If you try the challenge projects, they give you tasks, but no instructions; you have to complete the tasks they give you, but you don’t get any assistance. As far as I can think, this is the closest to what you want! has a couple of tiny projects that you can complete and submit to human mentors for feedback/discussion

it involves setting up your own environment which could be bit of a hurdle but a worthy exercise in and of itself

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I am not going to be in the same server as you if you can solve the problem and then once I thank you, you say somethings that were not appreciated.

Okay, thank you. Where can I find the HTML/CSS/JavaScript sandbox because that is exactly what i’m looking for.

Click the link in my post and sign up for access to the sandbox. Once you get logged in, click New REPL and select HTML/CSS/JavaScript from the list of programming languages.

When it opens up, enter a project name and description and proceed with your coding. Note that there are three files already present in the workspace… index.html, style.css, and script.js. Click each in the left menu to write code as needed.

Okay, yes, thank you. I tried it out without signing up and I’m not a fan because it won’t let me copy/paste.

There is nothing needed to sign up but an email address. If you want a useful sandbox, then sign up.

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