Practice with condition driven loops

Define the function get_num based that repeatedly asks the user to
enter a number until the user enters a valid integer >= min, where
min is a value passed to the function as a parameter. The function
should return the first valid integer value that was entered.
Assume: that the value passed is always an integer >= 0 ‘’’

My answer:
def get_num(min):
num = int(input("enter number here: "))
while num < min
num = int(input("enter number here again: "))
return num

You posted your whole lab here without having done any work.
You NEED to learn this stuff
If you back out of assignments like this, how will you do your senior projects or interview for a job?

When you post code, please use the </> icon in the menu bar atop the text box you are writing on to show well-formatted Python code, rather than text.

So, what happens when you run your code? What does the error message say that is not clear?