Practice SQL outside of CodeCademy

I have been following the Data Science route and have also done a little of the Computer Science route so I could gain more experience with Python.

Could someone give me some advice on how to to practice SQL outside of CodeCademy? I’m having difficulty installing and accessing it. Does it need to be installed on a server and accessed remotely? Or can I install it on the same device that I want to access it on? Maybe a virtual machine?

One way that I leant some MySql is though Microsofts Access and excel. For this you would need the Office home bundle. What I did it that I found Projects online that looked fun and tried to recreate them in a similar but different way. When I got more confident I decided on making a few Databases for myself like one that stores my password for sites ect. For Testing in site environment I would Use Xampp and Php my admin .

I saw that databases like Access and Open Office Base let you edit the data with SQL commands. I’ll just do that if I can’t figure it out. I wanted a more realistic situation though and learn how to access an SQL database.

MySQL is free to download. I was kind of surprised when I found that out. I still have difficulty accessing it. There is also a MySQL server manager that is an IDE. I think these things are meant to be accessed remotely. I’ll see what I can do when my new laptop is delivered, and I’ll read the manuals for some of the different databases.

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yes, now you just need a client (for example mysql workbench), there you can execute queries.

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I figured that was the case. Hopefully it’ll be easier to set up when my new computer arrives so I can have a server and client.

you can configure the client and server on the same machine, that isn’t a problem. Mysql is just a program which support multiple ways to be accessed. These include local as well as remote.

computers come with a nifty tricky (something called a loopback network interface, better now as localhost or to run servers (mysql, nginx, apache and many more) on your local machine.

thanks for the help. I’ll look into that