Practice Session: Python test_your_code()

While doing the practice sessions for CS, I get questions where I am required to complete some code. On some of these questions, there is variations of this line:

from help import test_your_code

# lines of codes


I find these questions really difficult because I have no idea what that function does and there is no way for me to check it myself. Unless the question tells me specifically to return say a DoublyLinkedList (which has only happened once in the 4-5 times I’ve encountered them) there is no way for me to know what it wants.

test_your_code() does sometimes tell me why something is not passing but I’d still have no idea what it is looking for. Does it want me to return a float? Is it checking if I’m using the exact same variable? Does it want me to solve it a specific way? I don’t know and it doesn’t tell me.


TLDR: test_your_code() in practice sessions is opaque especially if the question did not specify what it is looking for.