Practice section content: You haven’t reviewed them yet

I always get this one message when I do a practice section, does it change with time? Have anyone seen a different message?

Hello! I’m assuming you have Plus or Pro, because I don’t have either, so when I click on Practice Session, it takes me to the Checkout page…

I think, from seeing the image, you’ve either not done any of the quizes at the end of each topic yet, or, you have, but haven’t got any questions wrong.
Of course I don’t know for sure, but that’s the message I’m getting. Have you done any of the quizes?

Yes, I’m on the Pro subscription.

I have done quizzes normally in order to complete the course path, got many mistakes. I’m currently studying to pass the assignments doing these practices but still haven’t seen a different message, which is weird because I think I did quite many practices in the last week until now.

Because I don’t have Plus or Pro, I can’t really help you too much … If you keep having the issue, you could always ask Codecademy - hopefully they’ll be bale to help you more than me!

I’m sorry I can’t help more :frowning:

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No worries, thank you so much for trying :smiley: !

Only after completing the practical session I received another message with a review of what had been studied.
But this is not saved when starting a new session. And I always see the same message as yours.

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