Practice-rebase-off-platform project

Can someone explain what I am not understanding.
I forked the codecademy project to my Github repository
Then I cloned it locally
When I use git log --graph --decorate --oneline --all I am able to see:

  • 72aa788 (HEAD, origin/main, origin/HEAD, main) More progress made on part 2 by Noah.

  • ac57fb1 fixed a spacing issue

  • cc93949 added more content in part 2

  • f9ccb70 added a conversation in part 2

  • ec32d24 made more progress in part 2

  • 0777244 added a paragraph in part 2

  • e626c87 early progress made in both parts

The problem is I cannot do the following:

git checkout part_1_Monday
git pull
git checkout part_2_Monday
git pull
because my branch has the following:

  • The little black fish - part 1

  • The little black fish - part 2
    instead of part_1_Monday and part_2_Monday

Don’t understand what step I missed>

If I’m understanding correctly…When you forked the repo did you keep the upstreamed name or rename it “part_1_Monday” and “part_2_Monday”? Does the cloned name match the forked name?


If you look at the GitHub for the codecademy project you will see that they have 3 branches:

But my fork only has 1 branch:

Somehow I neglected to follow the protocol to get all 3 branches

OK, got it.
I had to add each branch as a separate step in GitHub because I initially just forked the Codecademy project main branch.
That resulted in me having only the main branch., 1 branch, not all 3.
So I had to click on NEW BRANCH twice, once for part_1_Monday and again for part_2_Tuesday.
Then I could do git checkout part_1_Monday, git pull
and the same for the second branch
For anyone having trouble take a moment to look though the GitHub page
Also as I have almost completed the project I see there is a walkthrough video which I will now look at.
I think it is helpful to struggle and troubleshoot and use the Forum before looking at a walkthrough video.

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