Practice Project: Jammming (Front-end Engineer) - prerequisites -> Testing


I would really love to have a course that takes on testing in React before the Jammming project. It seems like the Career Path: Front-end Engineer is a bit outdated surrounding testing.

Previous in this career path we got to learn testing with Mocha (JavaScript testing), which was great by the way. But that course does not prepare us for the Jammming project, because Mocha is not compatible with React on it’s own (it requires a lot of packages that I haven’t learned how to handle).
The Jest/Enzyme course is after the Jammming project, and Enzyme does not support React 18, so this is practically a skill that we won’t use, ever again…and it doesn’t work.

The only course that I can use now, to test my Jammming app, is Learn React Testing . But this course is not a part of the career path “Front-end Engineer”, and it requires us to have learned Redux (which is a while after the Jammming project).

I hope you’ll be able to update this in your Career Path: Front-end Engineer, because the path up to the Jammming project is freaking awesome! I have learned a lot of useful skills and techniques!

…but for my issue right now, I’m not able to test my app fully, which is a shame. Does @codecademy have a suggestion on how I should handle this issue right now? (So I can continue the career path)

In advance, thanks! Keep up the good work :heart:

Take a look at the Roadmap link at the bottom of the page. There are updates coming soon to Intermediate and Advanced React. Perhaps this will address your path issues(?)

Thanks, @lisalisaj ! It might address the issues, but I’m not able to see what the current plans are or when it’s going to be available/released.
I’m not really keen on stopping mid-project to wait for a solution that might be coming soon.

Is there anyone with a solution to combat this issue?

It sounds really frustrating. :confused: Has anyone here or over on the Discord (“Chat” link at top of page) F-E channel been able to help you with testing and/or a workaround in the meantime, or maybe S.O.?

I’m sadly still in a stand-still. I’ve been watching videos on YouTube and reading loads of articles online, but none of them give me any tips on a solution for this problem.

The content is being updated in July.

Oh my god! This is great news :grin: Looking forward to learning more about testing! :grin:

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In the mean time, have you looked at the react testing docs? You can probably get a lot done just reading these docs. The only challenge might be mocking the data from your API.

Thanks! I’ll have a look at them while I’m waiting for the update :slight_smile: