Practice makes perfect


i have problem with my code . here is the error "cube(2) returned 16 instead of 8" no matter what number i change it , it stills says the same

Here is my code

def cube(number):
return number ** 4;
def by_three(number):
if cube(number) % 3 == 0:
return ;

     return "its bad"



Wait yea, that was right lol

It looks like you're using 4 instead of 3.


I really got lost with those numbers , don't think i don't know math , but i got so confused with them


I fixed the problem , i saw carefully the guide what i have to do and passed it


Hey no big deal man, I make mistakes like that all the time :sweat_smile: Took me a minute to remember if cubed was by 2 or squared was by 2 the first time I did that exercise.