Practice Makes Perfect


I don't like struggling when it's unnecessary. I'm wondering if I can see all the (correct)answers and compare it to the instructions?

That way I might get somewhere besides spending days on a lesson and not knowing if it's correct or not? I would like to start over, but only if I can see the correct answers is what I'm saying so I don't "waste" my time again struggling for days, is there a way?

I like the language python but I just need a more clear understanding is all, especially since this is my first computer language.
or should I stick it out until the end by copying others answers without fully understanding them and if they are correct, but trying to understand them much as I can?



Maybe you should look at it from a different angle...

and then use codecademy to test your acquired knowledge.....



don't forget us...have a nice journey



I would suggest to use the ANSWER in
as a guidance in your learning...

To comprehend the flow of a HTML load into your Browser
i would suggest

For further
== discussions / opinions ==
google search
python [your question]



Those are great suggestions Thank you!