Practice Makes Perfect - Having a real struggle here, where should I fall back to?


Hi All,

I would appreciate some guidance from you wonderful folk… I have worked my way through the lessons up to this point and thought I was doing OK but these problems are simply stumping me completely (i’ve only made it to number 6)!

My question is should I return to the previous lessons and run through the whole lot again to try and get the information to “stick” or is it worth just persevering with judicious use of the “solution” button and trying to understand the syntax from there?

I’m happy to go back and redo stuff as I find it all very enjoyable, but I can’t be the first person to come up against this so I thought I might be able to benefit from your collective past experiences and advice.

Thanks in advance for any guidance provided.



I think you should take your time for practice makes perfect. Break the problem down into steps, just write the steps on a piece of paper if you have to, then find the function you need (in earlier lesson or official python documentation)


Thanks you Stetim for your response. I’ll persevere with the Practice makes Perfect module :wink:

Wish me luck :sweat:


practice makes perfect begins to put forward what makes programming so difficult, problem solving.

persist now, and come back at the end, and then don’t be ashamed to redo practice makes perfect


DO what you love to do and what your instinct says, as for leaning, everything is fair…if applied, honestly…

work, re-work


Thank you for the responses. If I take one thing away from this it is perhaps that I now have new appreciation for what it takes to go from complete beginner to just the first step on the ladder of understanding. I’ll give myself more time to digest and stop being so hard on myself when I don’t ‘get it’ right away.

Cheers all :wave:


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