Practice Makes Perfect - code is right?


Hey all,

Im stuck on 'Practice Makes Perfect' and im sure i have the code correct;

function aboutMe($name, $age){
echo "Hello!, My name is " , $name . " and I am " . $age . " years old." ;

    aboutMe("Ashlee" ,"23");

however, it keeps giving me this error;

Oops, try again. It looks like your code printed 'Hello!, My name is Ashlee and I am 23 years old.' instead of 'Hello! My name is [your name here] and I am [your age here] years old.'


You are sending "23" as a string instead of 23 as a number. Since you want value of age as a number, send a number, without quotation marks.
Also in you echo you have one , instead of . for concatenation (right before $name). Fix that too.


Still getting same error, even with your corrections. :frowning:


You have one more ,, right after first ! in your echo. I bet that is the reason your code is failing. Try editing it.


SOLVED! Thank you so much, i totally failed to see that extra comma!