Practice makes perfect 12 TypeError: Object is not a constructor


var Object1 = {
    name : "Ibrahima",
    love : "my mum"

var Object2 = {
    profession :"student",
    hobbie : "basketball"

var Object3 = new Object();
Object3["code"] = "beginner";


Please provide link to the lesson.




From the instruction:

Create three objects called object1, object2, and object3 in the editor.

So, you need to rename Object1 -> object1 and other objects too.


@denys.matsevych can you be more explicit


You need to create three objects: object1, object2, and object3.
But you have Object1, Object2, and Object3.

I mean that should be like this:

var object1 = {
    name : "Ibrahima",
    love : "my mum"

So rename other two objects, please.


thanks you i jsut change the upper case on Object


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