Practice JavaScript conditionals and functions with these 3 code challenges

Please help.
When I do RUN it works.
When I do Check Answer I see ERROR

function colorMessage(favoriteColor, shirtColor) {
if (favoriteColor === shirtColor) {
return ‘The shirt is your favorite color!’;
} else {
return ‘That is a nice color.’; }}
console.log(colorMessage(‘black’, ‘white’));


Welcome to the forums. There was one tiny error you made throughout your code. You used ‘ instead of '. You probably can’t see it in this post since it’s so small, but a string in JavaScript should be yellow. If it’s red take that as a sign that it’s not been recognised as a string. JavaScript in this case doesn’t recognise your strings as strings because you’re not using the right quotation marks.

What you used is a single left quote. You should either use ` ’ or " to create strings. Backtick, single quotes or double quotes. Your code should look like the following. Paste it into your code so you can see what’s been changed.

function colorMessage(favoriteColor, shirtColor) {

  if (favoriteColor === shirtColor) {
    return 'The shirt is your favorite color!';
} else {
  return 'That is a nice color.'; }}
console.log(colorMessage('black', 'black'));

Hope this helps. If not don’t hesitate to ask for more help.


I am guessing that the reason the quotation marks are not showing up correctly in your post is that you pasted the code in this forum. If you instead press the little </> symbol when posting and paste JS code between the backticks, it will be recognized as JS code. This helps a lot in this forum.

I also did this exercise the other day and I think there is an error in the test for the colorMessage function. I submitted a bug-report as my code worked fine when I ran it in the console but still did not pass the test.


Could you post a link to the exercise please? As chances are that @mike7127143742 is right-you have the correct quotation marks, but when you copy/paste it into the forums, they are automatically changed to “smart quotations”.


Link to exercise
Quotation marks is ok in exercise. They changed after paste it into forum.

Can you see attached screenshot?

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