Practice Jammming - Playlist App with Spotify API Part one

I have just completed the practice project Jammming.
I solicit fro review of the project.
The project files are available in the github repository with the following link: GitHub - peteronifade/jammming
Thank you.

PS: Please note that I have deleted the spotify client ID which was used to test it.


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Hey just a question as I am getting overwhelmed with this project and using yours as sort of “coding backwards” and I am super stuck on the Spotify Authorization. When I look in their documentation it seems super complicated and yours seems a) much more to the point b)very different from someone else’s.

Where did you get the authorization and getToken code from? Did you make it yourself? Any advice for resources?

I think you don’t need to create updatePlaylistName().
As you are already updating your playlist name with the useState() hook.
But I’m not very familiar with the useCallback() so maybe I’m wrong.

Also, delete useless code as : <p></p> in your app.js

Hey. I pulled your code from GitHub and tried to run it, but when I install packages from packages.json I get 4 critical errors. Any suggestions for help?