Practice help

Does anybody have the solution to this question:

Work is piling up! Add 8 to tasks and print it to the console.

I have this and it’s wrong:

let tasks = 2 + 8;


Please help!

Hello! Why do you think this is wrong? Is the output not the desired one? Also, could you post a link to the lesson?

It is not the desired output for the question asked. It keeps returning as wrong.

Since you want to add 8 to tasks, why do you have a 2 here:

That is the way the practice question started:

let tasks = 2

Yes, if tasks is originally 2, how would you add eight to tasks? Consider the use of certain arithmetic operators. Such as +=

Isn’t the + sign correct? That is the correct arithmetic operator, is it not?

BTW, I am so appreciating your responses, thank you!

Oh, maybe I should be using an assignment operator?

Yes. Have a look at my hint (the blurred text) of my previous post. How would you use that?

Ahhhh! Thank you so much!!

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