Practical use of python


Is there a website that teaches the practical use of python and consolidation of knowledge?
For example, creating something using python. Something in the style of projects on codeacademy.


There is so much you can do with python, for any project install python on your computer. This gives you freedom to do anything (from scientific things with numpy, till GUI programs and web apps)


I meant such projects like in codeacademy, but only free because I am not able to buy the pro now.


There aren’t, you can check other sites to see what (free) projects they offer. There are plenty of sites which teach python

You can also decide to just build your own project based on what you learned so far. On the internet there should be a whole lot of inspiration (web scraper maybe? )


Is here python sandbox?


yes, there is:… Sites like, but for anything serious, you should install python on your pc from the official python website (


Thank you for the above information and i am looking forward to apply it.