Practical applications?


So this isn't a problem with a particular exercise, but I'm a little over halfway through this course and I'm wondering like how I'll be using a python function to change a number in a list when it would just be easier to move my cursor to the list and change the number myself. Or just do some math in excel on a bunch of numbers.

People who are more experienced than me, what are some examples of this particular exercise that you use this for? I'm really just trying to understand where this is going.

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If you haven't done the Battleship module, it should be coming up soon. That program uses a practical application of a list in a dynamic role. That is one use that you will see frequently, among the many others.

The operative word above is dynamic meaning it can be updated in real time as the program (a game, perhaps) runs. Lists are data structures that help immensely with organizing data that is easy for a program to manage. The only entries we would ever modify manually in the source code are static values that the program starts out with. They may or may not change during the runtime session. If they do change, we can't very well stop the program and update the values.


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