Powershell Please, and how to link it to Python or other langs

In the working world powershell is what needs to be used to be effective as an engineer and thinker on your feet, and if it involves Azure PaaS and hundreds of tools being provided via O365, the sordid amount of data, process power, controls, controls of the controls available is mindnumbingly staggering. The way infrastructure and all services and apps are going CLI is insane, so knowing powershell to try to manage just parts of it is imperative. Powershell also runs on Linux while modern windows OS is emulating xnix more and more, differences if any would be an important thing to teach. There are so many reasons to have a Powershell class least of which is to tie it in to existing Codecademy lang courses to make wise decisions managing the resulting big data like querying huge AD databases, blending with 1,000’s of individual windows hosts, rights to applications by users, changes, costs per changes effected, so much to do with so much data.
Codecademy should teach Powershell as a “gateway” language.

I don’t have the ability to click on a Python file and have it execute in a shell or console. How will PS help me to solve this?