Powershell Course?

I wanted to ask if a Powershell course is planed anytime soon?
Would be a reason to start another Pro Membership for me. Loved the way Codecademy teached me Python3!

Hi @script4774030696, welcome to the community! I’m not sure if a Powershell course is on our Curriculum Team’s roadmap, but I will check in with them to see. Will follow up soon.

Edit: The Curriculum Team does not currently have it on their roadmap, however, they’ve added it to the list of courses they will consider creating! :slight_smile:


In the interim, if you’re interested in learning more about PowerShell I would recommend that you take a look at the following:

  • Microsoft provide an online, edited, copy of the book “PowerShell 101” - originally published by Mike F. Robbins. It’s a solid foundation in how to do things with PowerShell, and a document I frequently suggest to junior colleagues who are unfamiliar with it.

  • If you want to look at applied examples of how PowerShell can be applied to common technical tasks, as well as the odd esoteric or unusual one, you’d do well to read the Hey, Scripting Guy! dev blog. The original “scripting guy”, Ed Wilson, retired a few years ago now but the blog continues albeit less frequently updated than it was.

  • Channel 9 (like YouTube, but for Microsoft stuff) has a lot of video content relating to PowerShell. Not all of it may be of use to you, but you might like:

  • Finally, never overlook the value of the official documentation!