Potential career change

Hi all. I hope you’re all keeping well during these difficult times.

So a little about me. I’m 30 years old with a degree in archaeology. I taught English as a foreign language for several years after university before entering the travel industry, where I’ve been working for 4 years now. I generally like it, but my industry in particular has been decimated by the impact of coronavirus. So much so that I’m taking this time (I’m on paid leave until further notice) to think about what courses I can take outside of travel should I be forced to/decide to make a career change.

Coding is something that has always interested me. I’ll be honest, I didn’t really know what it was for a long time (but I guess everyone is in the same boat until they really throw themselves into the deep end). It intrigues me because of the aim of problem solving through formulae and commands and increasing companies’ efficiency. I can draw similarities to coding through the flights reservation system at my old job. Anything you wanted to do (reserve flights, check fare prices, search availability, view flight ticketing rules etc.) had to be done by a concrete set of commands. The only way to use the system was to learn, practice with and ultimately memorise these commands. The more familiar you became, the more you could combine these instructions into one command thus delve deeper into the software and do what you needed to do faster and faster. FYI this software is called Galileo.

Anyway, another reason I am interested to find out more about coding is that I have got the impression the tech industry is booming right now, and for those with the right skillset and experience, they will always have a good chance of landing a job. I’m aware the money isn’t bad also, but any pay bracket ‘isn’t bad’ when compared to the travel industry.

Right now, I’m doing an intro course on Grasshopper through Google (just to try to get a flavour of whether this is something I might enjoy). Codeacademy has been strongly recommend also and I will crack on with this after Grasshopper.

How many of you have been in my shoes? How did you initially get on with coding? Did you just decide one day that you wanted to give it a try or had it been on the back of your mind for a while?

I am totally new to this so open to any advice/suggestions any of you have.

Stay safe everyone.


Hi there!

I never had the pleasure of using Galileo, but I have many fond memories of arguing with Amadeus…

I realise I’m not quite in the same shoes as you, but I first came here because I’m lazy. I quite frequently get asked for stuff at work which is either a task I’ll likely have to repeat, or which could be done much quicker by a computer than if I did it by hand. At the time, Python had a good reputation for being easy to pick up and well suited to a range of applications so I started learning it.

There are a couple of what I’d call “introductory” courses here on Codecademy which might give you a feel for coding:

  • The Welcome to Codecademy course, which is an introduction to the site and its features, and
  • The Learn How to Code course, which introduces the core concepts in what looks suspiciously similar to JavaScript…

One thing I would suggest would be to have a look at job postings in your area, or whatever area(s) you’d consider travelling/moving to for work. If there’s a commonality in the type of things they’re looking for, then that could inform the courses you take here. :slight_smile:


Hello @mdonlea.

I can say I have been there, and I started mainly because I wanted to learn a new thing. To start, I did a lot of reading about the different languages, their uses, and how easy it is to learn them.


I think coding is a brilliant thing to learn, I just recently started using codecademy, but I have practiced block based code for awhile to learn the basics.

With technology being implemented more and more in every day life, I think it should be a skill everyone should know the basics of.


Ha! Yes I’ve never used Amadeus but it generally seems to have a solid reputation within the travel industry. I certainly wouldn’t describe myself as a GALpal, though my skills in GAL definitely improved.

Thank you for these. I will study these links. I am sure they would be good placesto start.

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How long have you been a coder for, and which languages are you proficient in? Which did you start with?

This is my thinking. My nephews may end up learning this in school but I never had that opportunity as coding wasn’t really a thing then. Ultimately, it just feels like this is an in-demand skill and if I:

a) enjoy it
b) feel I have a knack for it

I may decide to make a career change. Who knows…


Hello @mdonlea I have ben properly script coding (not block-based) for a bout 6 months.

Although I wouldn’t say I am proficient in these languages, I have completed the Codecademy course and read some documentation (might that count as knowing the basics?): Python (which I started with because it is quite easy to pick up and make learning the concepts easy due to the easy syntax), SQL, HTML and CSS, Ruby and then the Go course, but I am not sure how much of Go that covers. I also have some knowledge of JavaScript, but only the basics (functions, control flow.)