Potences ** Expresions doubt


Hi guys,

I need a little bit help understanding potences, I understand this is not a math forum, but I am really confused and I'm pretty sure that a good person can just give me a really good and simple explanation so I don't stay confused :grinning:

How does this expression 16**0.5 become 4? :confused:
And what about this one? - (1**2) :confounded:

I really will appreciate the help



you do know Exponentiation, right? Otherwise, we do have a little problem. 16 till the power 0.5 is the same as √ 16 which equals 4.

The second one is easier:
- (1**2)
1 till the power 2 means 1*1 which is one, and then make it negative.


Thanks stetim94, so you are right, I do not know Exponentiation :confused:


Then this is really difficult to understand, i recommend you t learn exponentiation. I am sure there are online resources