PostgreSQL + Postbird 'authentication method 10 not supported'

Hello everybody,

I have just started learning SQL and I am currently at the exercise Off Platform Project: Making a Database of Movies

I am using PostgreSQL (version 13) and Postbird (version 0.8.4).

Everything is going well except for the fact that I cannot export the database nor I can import the solution provided by Codecademy to double-check it.

When I go to the info section, I see this error message:

I googled a bit and I found this topic with a solution that I don’t fully understand:

And then I found several articles pointing out the password authentication from MD5 to SCRAM-SHA-256. I opened the configuration files of PostgreSQL (both postgreSQL.conf and pg_hba.conf) and saw the settings is SCRAM-SHA-256. Shall I change everywhere and put MD5 instead?

What I would like to understand is what the problem is also because I found very few examples and none with Postbird.

If you need extra info I forgot to mention, please let me know!


I have not attempted this particular course yet so I’m not sure how much help I could be. (I’ve also only used PgAdmin as a GUI w/PostgreSQL).

If you’ve googled the error messages and determined that you should change your pw authentication settings, then I suggest trying it. (you can always change it back if it doesn’t work).
I found this:

And the PostgreSQL documentation on authentication methods might help:


Hello Lisa,

just tried that and still does not work… When I try to export the database I get this message

It says that it saved the file but I find no file. However, though I am not sure this is related, when I open pgAdmin I see the same databases created with Postbird and from there I can export the tables I created.

In a way or another, I manage to do what I need to for now but I still wonder what is wrong…