PostgreSQL Off-Platform Baseball Project, question part 4

I am referring to this question:

I am on Part-4, where you have to create your own award, I chose one of the examples given, ‘the Canadian Ace’, which is where you need to find the players with the lowest ERA (earned point average) whose stadium is in Canada. My query seems to work (would love if someone more experienced can give it a look and see if it can be improved):

SELECT people.namegiven,
MIN(pitching.era) AS era_player,,
FROM people
JOIN pitching
ON pitching.playerid = people.playerid
JOIN teams
ON teams.teamid = pitching.teamid
JOIN parks
ON parks.parkname = teams.park
AND pitching.era > 0
GROUP BY people.namegiven, pitching.yearid,, parks.parkname,

I am not sure if I even need to SELECT the picthing.yearid column?

There were also some ERAs of 0, was that supposed to be included and is considered to be 'better and thus lower than the ones mentioned din my query?

Please see if there is anything wrong with this query. Thank you!

I have the same questions. Here is my SQL, can anyone tell me if I got it right? Thanks.

select min(pitching.era), people.namegiven
from pitching
inner join people
	on pitching.playerid = people.playerid
inner join teams
	on pitching.teamid = teams.teamid
inner join parks
	on teams.park = parks.parkname
where = 'CA'
group by 2
order by 1 asc;