PostgreSQL Intermediate Book Store Indexes project: Query not running

Hi, the query won’t run after step 4. I run the code and nothing happens. Here is the link. I am on step 5.

Can also you please post your code/what you’ve tried?

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Ok, here the different things I tried running:

select * from customers
limit 10;
ALTER TABLE customers

ALTER TABLE customers
  ADD CONSTRAINT customers_pkey
    PRIMARY KEY (customer_id);
explain analyze select * 
from orders
where quantity > 18;
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What is the question in the project? Step 4? (I haven’t done this project.)

Hello @ivancoder33 ,

When you say the query won’t run after step 4, do you mean your EXPLAIN ANALYZE query won’t run?

Confirm that your Step 4 to create an index was successful with:

WHERE tablename in ('customers', 'books', 'orders')
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I guess I just had to wait a day. The actual problem wasn’t an error but the problem was the query not showing anything.

Ok, thanks for posting an update. Sometimes I copy code and reset the exercise when I seem to get no response.