Postbird Won't Execute Multiple queries


I’m using Postbird on my MacBook Pro 2019 and when I try and run multiple queries separated by a semicolon, all that is returned is “OK”. Each query by itself returns a table, but together I get nothing. I think i need to reconfigure my global sql settings or something (as per my searches on google) but I can’t figure out how.

Can anyone help with this?

I don’t know how postbird works, I know for dbeaver or ms sql server management studio you just get different tabs open. Dbeaver is a free option and works for any db so in case you’re having trouble at worst you can try that.

The real question is what do you need. It’s nice to see 2 queries that are not readily joinable side by side sometimes, but it looks like in this case, a simple inner join (or left join depending on use-case) will let you view both sets of data at once as desired

select * from batting b
join people p on b.playerid = p.playerid
limit 2

or something like that


I talked to a friend and he said basically the same thing about opening different tabs.
The reason I asked was because in the CodeCademy modules, you can see the results of 2 SELECT queries back to back, but I suppose that is not typical of sql clients, and it’s generally not something you would need.

Thanks for your response.