Possibly severe bug/glitch/abuse


I am posting it here since I couldn’t easily find a bugtracker anywhere.
I just noticed because I was annoyed that the code compiles immediately, making infinite loops unavoidable, that apparently the system is getting tricked without much effort.
You just need to put the required functions inside a comment and print out a valid end result (In this case “Show what you know”) you simply needed to print a capitalized word.
Of course this doesn’t help one to learn coding but it is still a severe bug imo since the site also offers paid services and if they behave in other languages the same way, I would find that odd.

	// Create an array and push on the names
    // of your closest family and friends
    //array() sort() rand() print() array_push() count() strtoupper()
	// Sort the list

	// Randomly select a winner!
    echo "CHEATED";
	// Print the winner's name in ALL CAPS


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