Possible typo/bug?

I think i might of found either a bug, typo, or me just being dumb.

the exercise asks “Create a variable named favoriteAnimal and set it equal to your favorite animal.”

my line is this

let favouriteAnimal = “sloth”;

but it says i did it wrong. so i wait and hit get code and it comes up with
let favoriteAnimal = “Dog”;
for the first exercise

did i have to use dog? If so why didn’t it say so? is it some sort of bug? or did i type something wrong? its not really a huge issue i just thought id report it here cause it seems sorta odd to me.

Hi @microrockstar91546,

It’s just the validation system looking out for the exact spelling as what is asked from the lesson. :wink:

You have the instruction:

“Create a variable named favoriteAnimal and set it equal to your favorite animal.”

And you have your code:

let favouriteAnimal = “sloth”;

Remember to follow the lesson’s proposed names or sentences (suggested to just copy and paste, easier that way). You can have any names for your own coding practice, but for the sake of passing lessons, just follow through what is asked and required.

Side Note:

  • It is a paramount issue while learning to code, every spelling mistakes will either cause the whole code malfunction (broke) or lighter ones will be producing undesired results. So remember to check every spelling as one part of debugging process. It’s a crucial skill besides coding.

  • And no, they don’t have a bias towards dogs versus sloth. Sloth is cute too. :grinning:

Happy Coding!

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XD omg haha i didnt even notice. we spell favourite different here XD. whooooooops

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This type of thing happens to me all the time for exactly the same reason. Darn differences in English! lol

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