Possible to have two "myName" animations on one screen altogether?


As I finished the entire lesson on "Animate Your Name", I started wondering if I can add another myName into the equation but with different bubbleShape and letterColors to it than my original had (which was "DiCaprio", don't judge me).
But with some tweaking with the variables, functions and booleans, I couldn't find a way..
At the bottom right of the photo in red text it states that my function is undefined when I tried making a second myName ("<3") which didn't even show up on the screen.. Maybe because of the JavaScript or program (or whatever it's called, i'm new to this) was only designed to just make the lesson be able to animate just one name??
I highly think so but if not, is it possible to add a second animated name into this whole equation? How?
Hope I made sense to all of you, thanks in advance.



The whole lesson was focusing on animating one name but yes this is possible to add another myName. You just need to deal with the positioning so that the two of them don't get stuck together.


I think it would be really helpful for us if you could show us an example. May I ask you to do so?