Possible glitch in the Matrix: Pig Latin excercise


I have included the line "word = original.lower()",
but the console is telling me I haven't.
I believe it is a glitch, but I'm new to python and don't know if its my code!

I expect to move on to the next set of instructions,
Or at least I hope I don't have any other logic/syntax errors
But... My output is correct so I don't believe that's the case
Thank you!

original = raw_input('Enter a word:')
word = original.lower()
pyg = "ay"
first = word[0]
new_word = word[1:len(word)] 
original = new_word + first + pyg

if len(original) > 0 and original.isalpha():
    print original
    print 'empty'


in move it back you where told to do:

On a new line after where you created the first variable

which you did:

first = word[0]

then the next step is:

Create a new variable called new_word and set it equal to the concatenation of word, first, and pyg.

which you sort of did:

original = new_word + first + pyg

except you stored it in a different variable. Now in this exercise you should take the slice, but this should be after declaring new_word

I am temporary ignoring the faulty design of your program.


So, I went back, followed directions, and now it's running smoothly.
I appreciate it
Merry Christmas