Possible errors in chapter hints in lessons 16 & 27


This first one's just a small typo. I found it while I was trying to remember where the one I saw last night was.

It's All in the Genes

Remember when we want to insert the value of a variable in a String, we use the + operator:

var num = 3;
var str = "The number is " + num!";

update: I see it was posted here, too, but maybe the purpose of the post was unclear.

The second one is in Looks For-In To Me:

Make sure you're checking the property value (e.g., "Hello!") and not the property name (e.g., english). Recall that if we save a property name to a variable, we can access the value associated with that name using bracket notation. See here to review this.

The link leads to I.D. Please, in which the user must log typeof objects. None of the lessons in this subsection appear to have bracket notation except the last one, which has a for...in loop. Should this go be to a different lesson?

I also have one sort of unrelated question, which I'm not sure where to ask but I stumbled upon this while looking for the above link: a lot of my lessons are not saving my finished programs. I noticed this once or twice in the earlier chapters, but by this chapter at least every other chapter felt like it had saved an incomplete or incorrect iteration of my assignment; is this normal?

Thanks everyone!