Possible bug

hi. me again.
on css typography lesson 18, font-face 3, there seems to be a bug. it didn’t really change my answer that i can see, and in the thread in the faq it seemed like others had the same problem. but others progressed past number 2 which was what i hung up on. is there a place to report bugs? is the problem with my code? and am i supposed to know without copy/paste how to find the relative path?

Hello @giga4349672881, could you please post your code, a link to the exercise, and the browser you’re using?

https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-css/lessons/css-grid-i/exercises/review i tried several things. one was ‘grid-template-rows: 200px 200px;’ . i was stuck on number 3. browser Safari 13.1 on macOS (Catalina)

i am not certain that ‘grid-template-rows: 200px 200px;’ was what i used as i asked for the solution and it erased my code. however i am 99% certain that was what i had

Could you retry the exercise, putting grid-template-rows: 200px 200px, and see if it still is a problem? When I try it with grid-template-rows: 200px 200px it does work:

yes it worked this time. funny. well it appears that ive wasted your time and i am sorry.

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It’s ok! It’s better to not have a bug than to have found a bug! (In future, if you find a bug, there’s the bug reporting sub category in community.)
Happy coding!