Possible Bug on Codeacademy with out-of-line css change


So what happened twice (which is why I believe there is a bug) is that, to see what it does, I added a CSS rule
.nav ul {
display: inline;

I did this only to delete it afterwards, before submitting the code. Twice means, before adding Bootstrap in the course and immediately after adding the inline to the li elements.

Both times this out-of-the-box change resulted in it popping up on the next lesson, which is not yet dramatic. The dramatic thing is that the next Submit resulted in the page being stuck. Which means that the preview ended up in displaying a static reloading icon, the reloading icon for the page would not stop, the submit button would freeze. Reload would not alter the stuck issue, but restarting the browser would. I'm using Firefox here with the adblock plus plugin.

So in summary, no actual issue for me here, as I found a way around. Just think that there might be a bug.


Thanks for taking the time to report your experience.