Possible bug in the command line


Hello! I am having some problems with the command line at 91% progress. It says that I need to create a git branch named “bio-questions”, which I have already done. However, it claims that it was not created. I tried exiting the page and re-entering. So, how can I reset the code to start all over? Thanks.

Can you show us the output/screenshot of the following command: git branch

You could try deleting the branch:

git branch -d bio-questions

and then try to create your branch again

Yeap! Got the branch, but what is happening here? I did add a question. Is it because the directory I am working in does not have the biology.txt file?

Did you press the run button after you added the question?

yes sir, I did. It still displayed the error.

Did you save the file before pressing run?

You can view the content of the file by doing: cat biology.txt

To see if your changes are saved

Hmm…it says that there is no “biology.txt” file in that particular working directory. So I tried:

Changing the directory to science-quizzes, where “biology.txt” file is located. Then, creating a branch in that directory. I tried running the code, but it still does not work. I thought that git branches are independent of working directories? Or am I wrong? :confused:

Can you provide the url of the exercise? I really need to see it in the exercise


Sure! Here it is.

You should be in my-quizzes, not science-quizzes.

go to my-quizzes, do: nano biology.txt, copy the question in it, do ctrl + o, if it ask for filename press enter, press ctrl + x (exit)

Yea, git branch are independent of working directory if the git repository was in curriculum-a, but you work in two different repository (my-quizzes and science-quizzes are different repository’s)

Everything seems fine, but I cannot progress?

Are you in the right directory: pwd
what is the conten of the file: cat biology.txt

This is not going well (see error top of your screen), i would refresh the page (which will reload the workspace)

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