Possible bug in codecademy learning lesson


After the lesson that teaches about Radio Button Input, you can see that both of the inputs have value yes (set by the default, when codecademy provides the code). Shouldn’t the second input have the value no?
Also should the structure be label-input label-input?

I agree that the value for that second radio input should be “no” instead of yes.
But labels are after inputs very often (and another case is that the input element is a child of the label element so that the “for” attribute does not need to be used).

I think a single checkbox would have accomplished the same task as using the two radio input elements.

    <input type="checkbox" name="cheese" id="cheese" value="cheese">
    <label for="cheese">add cheese</label>

I see, thank you for the explanations. A single checkbox would be a smart way to do it, but the chapter already taught it so they had to make another example for the ratio buttons.