Possibility of Improvement in Teaching Methods

To Management Team

I was thinking that method of teaching even though is good i think when we are doing exercise after lessons they sometimes feel like spoon feeding ,I think there should be extra exercise at each step with little assistance so that it forces the students to think on their feet more which will build confidence.I am doing the data science track and I have only three topics left , I would loved to test my skills against problems with minimum support.Such exercise would have been very helpful as sometimes I feel that i am just copying things which makes it seem that I am not learning properly as I am overly dependent on the directions in the exercises.

Varun Chauhan


Hi @varunchauhan08837195

I don’t know about the Paths, but for most of the standalone single-language focused courses there are freeform projects which test knowledge with a bit less support than the learning exercises. These are Pro only, though.

There also used to be (at least for the Python 2 course) “final project” items as well, which were meant to be completed outside of the Codecademy site - I can’t seem to find any of these any more, so they may have gone.


Hey @pitycoder, thanks for responding here. “Off-platform” (as we call them) projects are still a thing! Sometimes they are introduced via regular projects, and sometimes they’re articles (I know, inconsistent) but they are still available on some courses. :slight_smile:


where can i find them and can someone help me in understanding perceptron it feels like shooting darts in dark room