Positioning seems to not be working as described?


So I'm on number 18. If I am understanding correctly, then if the position of the outer div is set to "static" then positioning of the inner div tag when set to "absolute" should move it's location in relation to the HTML tag and not follow the outer div tag around. Yet when I change the position of the outer tag by changing it's margin, the inner tag follows it around. Why is this? I feel like something isn't working as it should, or at least as it is described. I have messed with the positioning values of both inner and outer and have found no change. I am finding the same dilemma in the next relative positioning section.

"(If #outer had the default positioning of static, then #inner would get positioned relative to the entire HTML document.)"


Margin only pushes the element to the left, right etc in the amount of pixel you set when add margin-left/margin-right etc. If left, right, bottom and top would be explained in this exercise, it would make sense. I already wrote one extensive answer on positioning, please read it, if afterwards you have any questions, do ask, this is one of the most important pieces of css/html