Portofolio Website feedback


Hi all,
I'd like you guys to check out my portofolio website,
[The link is on my codecademy profile]
it is the fruit of 4 months intensive learning, coding and coffee drinking. Started from zero. Give any insights, all feedback is welcomed. I post this here to motivate those in need, so they can see that in time they will build beautifully designed web pages. I havn't found a job as a webdev yet, but it remains my biggest wish. Codecademy helped me a lot but you guys shouldn't hesitate to get some knowledge elsewhere too. Also if you're gowing towards front end webdesign, learn PHP, Angular these are powerful tools , psd to html, CMS and some Node if you've got time. I wish y'all happy coding.


First thing I would like to say that your website looks good and to keep up the great work! With my 2 cents of constructive criticism all I have to add is that underneath your main header there is a lot of white space that could be utilized, and it may be beneficial to put in Horizontal Rules in-between each section to portray a better look of separation. All-in-all good looking website and keep doing what your doing! Cheers


Hello, thanks for taking the time to give your feedback, i appreciate it. I choosed to give some air between sections, that's why the white space. I have an extra question though: would it be better to put all the content on one page and when you click a section on the menu it just scrolls to the section or should i leave it as it is? What gives a bigger impression of knowhow to employers?


Anytime! If you were to put all of your content on your first page it would make it appear to overloaded, or clustered. Just to much info for just one page to hold. The navigation menus that you have work fine and are quite crisp and each page lays out the right amount of content nicely. At the end of the day it is your project and you should create what you feel is right, but in my opinion I would keep with the clean layout you have currently