This took me a number of hours (I’d estimate 20+, likely more), over the span of 2-3 weeks. Overall, I’m happy with the result. I was inspired by some simple, typography forward designs I found in my search for inspiration. It is responsive, has a day/night mode, and includes some subtle but interesting animations.

I did not wireframe–but I did have a general idea in my mind of how it could look.

I used some JS that I found from around the internet. I also wrote my own JS, including a very basic “show more info” function (and a now unused “show Discord username on mouseover” function). I’m proud of “show more info” because if used correctly, it will work for an infinite amount of content to show when one clicks on a corresponding button for that content.

Some things that could probably use some UI/UX work is the Works section. I’d imagine it can get pretty lengthy once all projects are listed there. Pagination is an idea, but that is a little beyond my current Javascript expertise level.



Congrats on completing the project!

A couple things that came to mind:

  • Perhaps change “Works” to “Projects” in the top menu and that section itself.

  • Maybe make a link to the GitHub repo or the live project at the top of each project (before expanding it).

  • In the About section, no need to mention how old you are/what generation you’re from; that’s not important & could potentially have negative repercussions when applying for a job.

  • It’s good that you didn’t put links to any social media accounts b/c that’s not really professional and well, no potential employer needs to see what you did last weekend on instagram or FB. There needs to be a separation of personal/private lives and professional anyway.

  • If you do have a LinkedIn account, I would add that.

Cool name for a cat and the Bay Area is one of my favorite places in the States. Oh, and congrats on the upcoming addition to your family! :tada: :champagne:

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Thanks, these are all great suggestions. Good insight into industry, in addition to technical or stylistic changes.

I made all of them! [No LinkedIn either!]

I went back and forth on including my generation [I added it before submitting this post], and I’m on the fence on if the Projects need/should be expandable at all. It mainly comes down to how to best indicate to a user that there is more context and other information. Probably a UX concern.

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