Portfolio Website

Hi all,

I just did my first portfolio with the tools I learned so far… I just started to apply little things of js to make it more fun…
I hope to keep growing and having fun in the process… isn’t quite hard, but it was time-consuming to try to code, and sometimes you expect some different results, but it is all matter of practice. To complete this, it was about 20 hours.

The URL on GitHub is: Gabriel Parra | Front-end Developer

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me…


Hi Gabriel,

Very nice site! I like the way the navigation buttons tell you were you are in the site.
The styling is nice and clean, I like it.

I think it would be nice if one could visit the projects. Currently they are just screenshots.
It’s nice you added a form. From a users perspective I think a textarea would be nice so a visitor could write why he or she left the mailing adres.

I also tested the responsiveness of your portfolio site. I see something happening but not that much. Some sections become very small on the screen. Styling is still ok (no overlaps etcera).

I hope you can appreciate this comments. Continue the journey!