Portfolio Website

Hi all,

Here is my portfolio website. I probably spent longer on this than I should have, but I was learning some really cool new things like adding a pseudo element to make the buttons underline on hover. It took about 10 hours.

It was tough. But I can see how doing things like this from scratch and pushing through the bugs and issues can make you a better coder.

One note: I’ve optimized it for mobile only to a certain point, so if you are viewing it on your phone it still might not look right. I think it looks fine on an iphone 12.

Website: Portfolio

Code: Repository

Appreciate any feedback!


Cool colors, looks great ! Suggestion : On mobile, there was overlapping between the links.

Thanks! Still working on mobile, I have to restructure the whole thing. Mind me asking what phone you are using?

It’s a Motorola Edge 20, with screen specs : 6.7 inches ; 1080 x 2400 pixels, 19.5:9 ratio.

Thanks! I just did a commit for some mobile optimization, should be apparent soon.

First of all, I love the interactivity as I clicked on the navigation links and the transitions. Just try to fix the navigation car on mobile, the about me is too long, seems like it doesn’t fits inside the container. So every other link is one line, but the about me takes up two lines. I don’t know if I’m explaining myself correctly.

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Thank you! Yes that makes sense, still working on mobile, I put a pause on it for now for other projects.

Okay. Wish you all the best!