Portfolio Website

Hi all,

Here is my portfolio website. I probably spent longer on this than I should have, but I was learning some really cool new things like adding a pseudo element to make the buttons underline on hover. It took about 10 hours.

It was tough. But I can see how doing things like this from scratch and pushing through the bugs and issues can make you a better coder.

One note: I’ve optimized it for mobile only to a certain point, so if you are viewing it on your phone it still might not look right. I think it looks fine on an iphone 12.

Website: Portfolio

Code: Repository

Appreciate any feedback!

Cool colors, looks great ! Suggestion : On mobile, there was overlapping between the links.

Thanks! Still working on mobile, I have to restructure the whole thing. Mind me asking what phone you are using?

It’s a Motorola Edge 20, with screen specs : 6.7 inches ; 1080 x 2400 pixels, 19.5:9 ratio.

Thanks! I just did a commit for some mobile optimization, should be apparent soon.