Portfolio website!

Hi everyone I come to share my Portfolio Website

It took me like 6hours

I’m still battling connecting JS to html files, and using JS in these.

Pls feel free to give feedback!

Live Site:

GitHub Repo:

I love the layout of your website, except i think that the links to your mail etc. is too big. i think if you add icons of the links and then make some hover over effect. it would be more visually pleasing.(IMO)

I also think you could divide the website into more pages, so when you click the my work(example) you get transferred over to the next “page” which reduces clutter (again solely my opinion if this is what you like go for it!)

i think you should another link in the top, (about me) that is always nice to have. in this you can write about how you got your develop experience (even if its self taught) put dates on it so people can see for how long you have been doing this!

as per se, you have a small color palatte used(green and black from what i can see) add some more to the page to make it more lively! i love the effects, but you have huge chunks of black void, adding something even though you don’t look at it, will have people stay more interested in your site, if you want to reduce clutter and have a limited color palate use light colors instead of dark colors .

for a website that you have used 6 hours on im really impressed! im very new to programming, but i do love your work. If you aswell are new to programming, then you might want to consider focusing on getting your css and html to look nice and tidy and fit together before adding the JS.

good luck with future work, and i hope you get far in progamming and development!

Good day! -N

Wow, thanks a lot, really helpful feedback.

El El mié, 14 de julio de 2021 a la(s) 2:09, Nojus Martinus via Codecademy Forums <codecademy@discoursemail.com> escribió:

Wow! Looks pretty good!

I also liked the layout, as a professional web design agency, i can say only good effort.

Hey new link!